Hiccups in babies are quite normal in the first months of baby’s life. This usually happens right after meal. If you are a young mother and still learning about your new baby and parenthood, you might get concerned about hiccups. But don’t be. You are about to find out what hiccups really are. You’ll see that there is no reason to worry.

Hiccups are more frequent in newborns than in older infants. This is so because baby’s organs develop as baby grows and hiccups gradually become less frequent until they are completely gone.

It is important to be aware of the fact that there is nothing you can actually do to stop this. Remember these old tales about what you should do if someone has hiccups (“one should grab a paper bag and breathe into it; one should stand on his head; if someone has hiccups, scare him”)? Well, no matter what you have heard – do not ever try this on your baby! It will not be helpful, but may seriously harm your child.

On the other hand, hiccups can not really harm your infant, although you may find them very annoying. They can last for the whole hour! But in most of the cases hiccups do not last for more than a couple of minutes. Keep in mind that hiccups do not bother your baby at all; it’s more likely that they will be bothering you – the parent.

In most cases, hiccups go away spontaneously. You can never know when it will stop, but as your baby is growing, hiccups will keep reducing until they disappear. Meanwhile, make sure not to feed your baby during hiccups. Also, do not wait till the baby is too hungry.