Many pregnant women and new mothers are keen to find out which food not to eat while they are breastfeeding as the change in diet can improve their baby’s health.

Generally, breastfeeding women should eat as much as they can to produce enough milk and drink a lot of pure water to keep them from dehydration while breastfeeding. The food you should avoid can vary a lot from mother to mother and from baby to baby, but there are some general guidelines which should be considered by all breastfeeding mothers.

Caffeine intake should not exceed one or two cups of coffee, because too much caffeine can affect baby sleep and make him irritated. Caffeine can be also found in some soda-drinks and medicines that are sold over-the-counter, so that should be taken into consideration when controlling your caffeine intake.

More things to watch out for are gassy foods such as cauliflower and broccoli as these can make baby gassy and give her the cramps. When you notice this in your baby, avoid the suspicious types of food for a few days and then introduce it again in your diet. This should help you find out which foods are responsible for gas.

Certain foods can change how your milk tastes, but researches have shown that babies actually like this. It is not certain whether spicy food can cause problems with your  baby’s digestion because different cultures have different customs about breastfeeding.

Some spices which are considered bad for breastfeeding (like garlic in Italy) in other societies are considered beneficial (like garlic in India). You should also limit your sugar intake. Everything that you eat ends up in your milk  so is sugar. If sugar level in your blood is too high, this can cause your baby to suffer from insulin imbalance.