Some women, especially the young ones, find it difficult to make a difference between implantation bleeding and period; most of women have already found themselves in the situation of being confused and asking themselves: is this an implantation bleeding or period?

Well, this article might help you answer this question.

Implantation bleeding is pink or light brown discharge which has particular smell, shows up earlier than you expect your period and it is not as painful as period can be in some women. It is different than period because it occurs quite unexpectedly. That would be the first thing when it comes to difference between those two. On the other hand, some young women still do not have regular cycle, so it may be hard for them to notice the difference.

However, they should pay attention to other indicators. For example, implantation bleeding is not as painful as a period can be and there is not so much blood. It lasts considerably shorter than period.

So any discharge that resembles what we have just described may be an implantation bleeding. It happens right after a fertilized egg is implanted inside the uterus. This is not a ‘real’ bleeding – there is not much blood discharged actually. And it is certainly not a reason to be worried. What you should do is visit your gynecologist who will run some analysis and tests to determine what that is all about.

This kind of bleeding can also be caused by other factors. Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be implantation bleeding at all – it may only look like implantation bleeding. In some women bleeding may occur after Pap smear. It can also occur after sex, but may be the result of certain conditions like vaginal infections. Chlamydia, gonorrhea or inflammation of cervix may be related to bleeding.