Every woman is special and unique, so each one can have different symptoms of pregnancy in the first week. But after seeing all the possible symptoms, you may start having a clue about what is happening in your body.

Indications of whether you are pregnant or not may help you decide about what your next step will be. So make sure to listen to your body well. Most of the women complain they feel nausea/dizziness in the beginning. That can be dangerous if you find yourself alone in a public place – in that case you will need help.

Along with this one, another symptom of possible pregnancy is breast sensitivity. You could feel they are swollen and sensitive due to hormonal changes.

Spotting and light bleeding is possible as well. Even though these symptoms last only for a day or two, they can be followed by vaginal cramps, just like the ones you have during your period.

Since the level of progesterone rises, constipation is possible sign as well. Make sure to eat quality food and increase your water intake.

Basal temperature of your body may increase, too, which also indicates pregnancy. The best time to measure this is as soon as you wake up in the morning. As ovulation period passes, body temperature rises.

Pregnant women have better circulation, which can cause annoying headaches. Back pain may appear as well, followed by weight gain.

First trimester of pregnancy is  known for other  symptoms of possible pregnancy . One of them is craving for food. Because of hormonal changes, you may feel a strong urge to eat certain kinds of food. You may also start to like some sorts of food that you have never liked before.

Mood swings can also change the quality of your life. You may feel depressed in one moment and excited or happy in the next. Make sure to tell people in your environment about the changes that are happening inside your body. Being aware of the pregnancy symptoms in the first week may help you avoid activities that can be dangerous for you and your baby.